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Our exceptional quality hoses are made in South Australia, using agricultural grade hose with recycled rubber core.

Our custom formula makes this hose malleable for easy handling and extra strong for a solid workout under the Australian sun. We use industrial strength permanent hydraulic crimping of the brass fittings for no-bust off and serious longevity.

The exquisite brass nozzle is a joy to use with variable range and spray that is easily controlled with just one hand. Our universal tap connectors and nozzle are click-on fittings.

The hoses come in 3 customised Pantone colours, with elegant solid brass fittings, solid brass nozzle and optional solid brass wall hook.


Solid Brass, solid brass dome caps, zinc lag screws.

Agricultural Grade Recycle Rubber.
Solid Brass Nozzle.
Hydraulic Crimping.
High Tensile Yarn.
UVA/UVB Protection.
Kink Resistant
Universal Connectors.
Suits All Click-On Fittings.
AS 2620/1 Standard.
5 Year Warranty.
Made In Australia.


12 Millimetres diameter hose
Suitable for 1/2" or 3/4" faucet.

Option of:
3m (9.85ft) length
10m (32ft) length
20m (64ft) length
30m (96ft) length

30m length Includes: 1 x 10m hose, 1 x 20m hose, 2 x nozzles + click on solid brass connector for easy snap on detaching/attaching.

Care information

HOSE: Simply wash your hose with water, and sponge off scrub marks.

NOZZLE: Brass is a semi precious metal and will tarnish over time, acquiring a sophisticated patina like the great sculptures of Europe. Lubricate the nozzle with DW40 to keep the nozzle working smoothly. Polish with Brasso if you wish the brass fittings to keep their lustre.

Installation of Hook

Mark your holes with a pencil. Use a 3/4 inch drill bit to drill 3 holes and insert wall plugs. Insert and fasten screws by tightening the brass dome heads. Unscrew the dome heads, slip Hook onto the screws, re-attach and tighten dome heads. Uncoil hose completely, shake out the factory twist, drape and enjoy.


Comes in a hand stamped re-usable cotton draw string bag.

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